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I am new to this forum, I live down under and I am half way through doing my PPL. I found a guy who is selling a T67 M200 for the equivalent of  24 000 GBP

I'm looking for a bit of advice.

1.  is this a reasonable aircraft to continue my PPL training in ? I am really keen to carry on after PPL with instrument rating, and this is fully equipped for it, and also for aerobatics obviously. I fit in the cockpit nicely - I'm very tall, so this is rare !

2. are there any specific issues that I should look for, specific to this airframe, in terms of potential expensive faults in the future?  anything expensive that might catch me out?

3. is this a good price, or suspiciously low?

4. does anyone know a ballpark figure I might pay to put it in a container and ship back to the UK if I decide to move back?

it has a 200 HP lycoming, has 870 hours left to run- it's 1128 hrs total time since overhaul - in 2002

it passed checks in july 2018 including 24 month avionics checks, 5 yearly fuel tank inspection, EASA AD 2016-0214 brake pin completed, engine on-condition checks, new ELT battery exp 2025, alternator brushes, - this maintenance checkwas about 2000 GBP

airframe has 3853 hours

prop inspected 2017 so has 4 years left before overhaul

IFR equipped, variablepitch Hoffman HO-V123K-V/180R 3 blade prop

all input gratefully received - many thanks - pierre

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By way of an introduction....I operate a T-67 Mk2 with a 160 Hp engine in the UK. 
In answer to the first couple of questions, it is an excellent training aeroplane, for PPL aerobatics and instrument flying, so all good there!! 
This (and I am assuming it is the same A/C) has been on the market for quite a while now? Assuming that to be the case,  from the pictures it looks to be well cared for. 
So price wise on the face of it would seem on the low side.. 
The issue may well be the engine which while it has plenty of hours remaining has expired on date, not an issue if you intend to use it Privately where it can be operated "on condition"..... but for any sort of aerial work it would need overhaul/ replacement which I think would run out at @£25K plus VAT labour etc.... 
It would probably be worth having a chat with Swift Air in Leicester to get chapter and verse on it.
I hope that is some sort of help... 
A great Aeroplane and well worth hunting out! 

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