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1.  When com 2 (a Bendix King 155a) transmits it affects the engine gauges and most predominantly the fuel level gauges.  It is worse at the low end of the spectrum (118.00) but does affect it across the band.  We have done a number of diagnostics (swapping radios, swapping antenna's, temporarily relocating the antenna to various locations around the aircraft, and have replaced the antenna, VSWR checks are normal) and have concluded that it is RF induced voltage.  The condition can be duplicated with a handheld radio held near the instrument panel.  Have any other owners experienced this issue?

2.  When the electric trim is first pressed, it breaks the squelch for an instant on the comm radio's producing a momentary hiss in the headset.  Anyone else have this issue?

I'm going to write this up a bit better and send it to Slingsby to see if they have any info, but any feedback any of you may have would be appreciated.


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You could try putting ferrite beads on the power supply cable to the radio. It also helps if you can re-route the antenna lead as far as possible from anything connected to the affected instruments.

Oh, EASA probably stops you doing that..

Best of luck

Skylark 4 Mike
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