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Firefly Sales

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Does anyone have a shipping cradle or the drawings so that we can make a cradle for shipping?


Ronald Charles Hodgson

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Hello Mike,
have you contacted the factory, they sent a few to the US of A, so they must have had a system.
They might just have a cradle/crate/box 'round the back', give 'em a ring.
Ron C Hodgson.
Firefly Sales

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If you ever need to ship a firefly in a container consider the following. We found the actual factory metal shipping cradles but also found they were heavy and hard to load in a container so we didn't use them. Instead we removed the wings for shipping and left the nose wheel on, made 4 legs out of 4 X 4 inch boards for the front and 2 X 4 inch boards for the back and attached them to the wing attach points also using all the original wing mounting bolts which were 4 on the front and 2 in the back. 

We supported the aircraft with a forklift and strap attached to the engine mounts. We also put the tail in the factory tail cradle and then lowered it as much as possible to depress the nose gear oleo. This allowed us to measure and build the wood legs and attach them to the wing mount areas and cross brace the legs for strength. To move the fuselage we put a wood dolly with 4 caster wheels like used to move furniture under the tail support which raised the wood leg support a couple inches. The fuselage weight was supported by the nose gear, tail cradle, and one side of the wood mount like a kick stand and was very stable with no chance of tipping over. With one guy on each side of the canopy and another pulling the nose gear we were able to level the fuselage and roll it outside the hangar and into the container. Once inside the container we then removed the furniture dolly from the tail support cradle and the fuselage sat back down on the manufactured wood supports we made square and secure. We then secured the fuselage down to the container with straps and screws where possible. 

Photos are available of the job if anyone would like top see them.

Mike Shults
Eastern Shore Helicopters, Inc.
Phone 863-885-1292

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