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Hi from Czech Republic,
i bought recently used Slingsby T-67M MKII from Belgium (OO-STK). I would like to know where i can get / or what is the type of original suction gauge for this plane. I have there hole and have suction gauge not original on place where i want to install clock.

Then i have other question concerning canopy. I have bought it with some buckle on each side. When the previous owner bought the plane, the buckles was already there and he used them. I have uninstall it when i took over the plane. Now i understood why it was there...when i am flying inverted, the canopy goes a litlle bit up making gap between fuselage and canopy. The canopy is closed well. I do not like the buckles for safety reason (when you need to jump it take some time to open on each side).
Do you have experience with it and how it could be repaired? I am affraid that it is done by some kind of fuselage deformation during some G flyght, but i am not experet. May be some kind of sealing would help.

Thank you for any information
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