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Hello all,

I was fortunate enough to have a PUT flight in one of these excellent machines recently, which has really got me hooked.
Having flown club aircraft for 20 years, I think it is high time I took the plunge and bought a share in an aircraft. Having weighed up the pros and cons, the T67M seems to be the best fit, as I enjoy touring and would like to develop my aerobatic ability.
The next course of action will be to buy a share in one, but searches in the my area have drawn a blank, so my question to the greater forum are there any shares becoming available in the midland area?

Thanks in anticipation.

Colin Anthony.[smile]

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Hi, Leicester aero club has just put theirs up for sale (hours details on my post). I could be tempted in forming a new group around this aircraft ideally to be based at Leicester if your interested?
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